Financial Fraud & Malpractice – A Complaint Against Kaarvan’s CEO

In December 2020, the complaint was filed via email to Kaarvan’s Board Members, and highlighting a concern to a specific Whistle Blowing Policy in Kaarvan’s HR Manual.

“According to the Kaarvan’s HR Manual; under Section – 6: Employee Code of Conduct – 6.3: Whistle Blowing Policy:
If someone has a concern about malpractice or any wrongdoing, he/she is encouraged to report/highlight it to his/her immediate supervisor, or directly to CEO .

But If the malpractice or wrongdoing is somehow directed to the CEO himself, how should employees proceed? A policy missing in the HR Manual. I humbly ask Kaarvan’s stakeholder to address this for the sake of current and future employees of Kaarvan working directly under the CEO’s supervision.”

An in response the CEO through the Head of Programs started filing baseless lawsuits/complaints against the one who highlighted the financial fraud at Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies to threaten him to give up on pursuing the complaint.