World Creativity and Innovation Day at BNU

Kaarvan Team participated in Beacon House National University’s Nothing Fest by exploring what is ‘Between the Blank? Women from Gujranwala and BNU students open up the blank by connecting with one another through creative expression. Imagination knows no boundaries, no race, no gender, and no discrimination. Creativity is that blank space of connection. Through interactive activities of Candy Connection and Completing Image the Story of another Gujranwala Women and BNU students came to realize that no matter their contextual differences, personal hardships there is an underlying human emotions — love, joy, sadness, pain, fear, frustration, gratitude, excitement — that connects us all. What was truly remarkable was that 3 of the Image-Stories completed by BNU students were on the same wavelength as their initial rural artisans as they drew very very close to sentiments and visual representation of initial creator. This shows that we are all indeed hardwired for connection. Connection exists beneath the surface just waiting to be received and felt.

Candy Connection

showcased commonalities by codifying candy with shared experiences