Blog – Women, Freedom and Pakistan

Freedom lies in the unanimity of acceptance, and comprehension of due responsibilities. What binds a person to any cause is his or her personal will but if that choice doesn’t exist, liberty trifles away.


Since becoming a sovereign state, we have been unable to produce an effective social order for the feminine populace of our country. Women played an equivalent role in bringing Pakistan on the face of the earth; hence the constitution of Pakistan under section 1 clause 34 states, “Full participation of women in national life–Steps shall be taken to ensure full participation of women in all spheres of national life.” However, their involvement in political, economic, and social welfare has not seen a comparative rise since independence. Even the concept of liberation seems a bewildering outlook when the society is filled with gender biases cloaked in religious convictions and preposterous customs. Yet after 70 years of evolution, the choice of personal will for women cease to exist in many areas of the country. The deprivation of civil rights and basic necessities under the patriarchal mindset makes it evident that there is a deliberate ploy integrated in our system which is curtailing the expansionary opportunities for women, and largely contributing to the internal imbalances of the state economy.


It’s time that we acknowledge the polarization of minds in our male-dominant society concerning women and their freedom. Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, a social enterprise is captivated by the idea of augmenting gender equality and bringing economic stability in Pakistan. We have understood that there is an immediate need of implementing revised policies for gender equality including monetary, education, and social structure in order to avoid repressive culture and to rise as an economically stable state. Hence, we have pledged to serve and provide advocacy to influence public policy and application for the cause of women empowerment. For that we have been operating as life skills providers and income generating catalysts for women in marginalized communities, since 2004. Kaarvan hopes that this new year of Independence becomes an array of uplifting developments for women and their welfare in our country, and the next coming years become a celebration of an impartial and established nation. Indeed, liberation is not a onetime thing but rather a progressive learning of what freedom really is.