Sania Gul

Sania Gul PROJECT ASSOCIATE, KALASHA As Project Associate living in Rumbur Valley, Sania mobilizes members, identifies unique Kalasha craftsmanship and is responsive to community challenges. With [...]

Shaira Bibi

Shaira Bibi PROJECT COORDINATOR, KALASHA As Project Coordinator living in Bumburet Valley, Shaira mobilizes members, facilitates Craft Sector Trainings in Kalasha Valleys, addressing community [...]

Dr. Hassan Masood

Dr. Hassan Masood PROJECT ASSOCIATE Dr. Hassan works closely with the field team to mobilize community, distribution of toolkits and resources, project documentation, facilitates training [...]

Majam Khan

Majam Khan PROJECT ASSOCIATE, KALASHA As Project Associate living in Bumburet Valley, Majam has a bird’s eye view of everything related to the Kalasha Handicrafts. From day-to-day practice [...]

Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal Digital Systems Design Lead     Bilal being the Digital Systems Design Lead is the glue joining and working with various departments of Kaarvan. A mediator, Bilal [...]

Saad Akbar

Saad Akbar Head of Monitoring Evaluation & Research       Saad is a meticulous researcher. A physical embodiment of data, he carefully designs monitoring mechanism for primary [...]

Kalsoom Aziz

Kalsoom Aziz Project Associate Kalsoom work comprises of project management, addressing community challenges, coordination with various stakeholders and day-to-day program operations. She is also [...]

Pakeeza Khan

Pakeeza Khan Creative Lead     Pakeeza is well-rounded Fashion Designer. She crafts service design journey — representing different product touch points from initial concept to retail [...]

Shahroze Ali Khan

Shahroze Ali Khan ASSISTANT MANAGER COMMUNICATIONS AND PR Shahroze, a critical thinker and activist focused on engaging, growing, and inspiring communities across Pakistan. With wit and charm he [...]

Muhammad Ahmad Ashraf

Muhammad Ahmad Ashraf Finance Manager     Ahmad works with Head of Finance for planning, budgeting and forecasting of accounting data. He verifies accounting vouchers and coordinates [...]