Blog – Tales of grief, resilience and transformation: Brave women of Kaarvan

The resilient woman: Amtul Hafeez

Amtul Hafeez journey with Kaarvan is a story that describes ‘will’ as one of the influential forms of change. She comes from a comparatively progressive family but poverty never left her door. She has three sons and a daughter and she also looks after one daughter-in-law, two grandchildren and her mother-in-law. Her husband is a carpenter by profession and her two sons work on small daily wage jobs but it’s not enough to sustain a family of ten members.


She was a determined lady with some amateur skills at hand embellishments. She recalls, ‘Once I had a conversation with my neighbor about my weak hand embellishments skill, and I don’t know how, but things started to change from there”. It’s important to know that your will and serendipity is intimately linked and that’s what happened because that neighbor was a community mobilizer for Kaarvan. . When Kaarvan learned of Amtul’s perseverance to learn more and earn through her skills, we were certain to take her on in one of our projects. It was difficult for her to make her family understand what divergence this would create between their present and their future. Her mother-in-law, her neighbors insisted her to let go such thoughts as her kids would suffer if she would leave home. However, she was the first girl in her village to have gone to a formal school hence, she was aware about the importance of skills in professional life and also that situations only change when you want it to change.


Amtul began her expedition with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation as a learner for one of our skills enhancement courses. Our team polished her hand embellishments along with business skills including how to run and maintain a supply chain, how to carry out client affairs and how to make certain that her business model is endurable among other things.


Today, not only is Amtul an earning head of her family, she has become a symbol of hope and motivation for the women of her neighborhood. The same people who dispirited her along the journey are now her biggest supporters as they have seen the significance that Amtul’s efforts have brought to their life.