Zunaira Ashraf

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute



Zunaira Ashraf, a seventeen-year-old fashion design enthusiast, comes from a family of negligible resources. Her father, a wage worker, was able to finance her education till intermediate until he was in an unfortunate road accident where he broke his leg, while travelling to find work. The already minimal income came harder to come by. Zunaira was in Kaarvan’s program, SFE 2016, at that time.

Zunaira had realized early on that fashion design was the passion of her life, something she wanted to pursue as a career. The unforeseen circumstances were significant enough to put a dent in her path, but they didn’t. In fact, she took the set-backs as a source of motivation for her to continue to strive towards her passion so she could emancipate herself and her family out of their woes. She decided to enroll in DDM (Diploma in Dress Design & Making) course. Her family is not able to finance her diploma so she has been financing her own education by stitching clothes for her neighborhood, a skill she learnt from KCF. This allows her to hone her skills continuously. Zunaira supplements her income by tutoring children part-time as well, using the income not only to finance her education but also to support her family.

Zunaira awaits the completion of her diploma so she could initiate her formal practice. The value chain exposure visits in her KCF’s training made her realize the potential of profit margin & turnover in bridal wear dress. She aims to develop a bridal wear line in the future, which caters to customers of every class. While she believes establishing her business of the bridal wear line will give her an intrinsic contentment, she wants to earn money for three-fold reasons: for her father’s treatment; family expenditures; and on her own marriage. She struggles bravely and fiercely to do so.