Zarina Bibi

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


Young, uneducated, physically handicapped, from a farming family of seven and unmarried; Zarina has never let her circumstances dictate her boundaries. When her family couldn’t afford the rent for conveyance anymore, Zarina was pulled from school. While she stayed at home and helped her mother, she was always looking for something more. Thus, Zarina didn’t think twice when she joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation to gain training in stitching and fashion design.

Throughout her time with the foundation, the people around Zarina discouraged her through various tactics. Some befouled her character, some tried convincing her it was stupid to pursue anything; others choose to instil fear in her mind. But Zarina was never discouraged. And her family decided to stand strong by her.

Today, Zarina is more confident than ever. She says, “I have this simple idea in my mind. If I keep working, I’ll be able to lead a better life and feel better about myself.” Her philosophy in life now revolved around following her heart and her passion and disregarding what anyone else says about her.