Zahida Parveen

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


Zahida made a different first impression on us than the rest of the women we spoke to. We soon found out why. She tells us she is from a good, well off, family and that she is educated. That she worked at a bank for about 10 years after which she worked at various NGOs. She bursts into tears when she says this.

“There was a time when I was doing what you are. And now look at where I am.”

She explains that despite her objections, she was married off to an uneducated man. “He is unemployed now,” she reveals, “but he isn’t at all bothered that his daughters are suffering. I have had to pull them out of convent (the school they went to).”

While mentioning her daughters she takes out her wallet. She shows us two pictures that seem identical. Twins. “They have such big dreams,” she says sadly, “It is for them that I am here.”

She came to Kaarvan looking for a job, instead, the only opportunity she found was a course on stitching. Putting pragmatism before pride, she enrolled. Now she is planning to use the new material provided to her to start her own business, to create something her daughters can be proud of.