Yasmin Parveen Story

Yasmin Parveen


Yasmin Parveen belongs to Gujranwala and she comes from a remote area of Qatar Ghalib. Her 35 year old husband is an electrician, but he lost his job struggling with a speech disorder. Their family’s finance was taken up by her father in law who worked in a cable company.  For a few years he helped them maintain their household, but his aging factor and an unforeseen illness took away hi away his career as well. At that stage they had no source of income and they suffered to put food on the table for their young daughters; a six year old and a three year old.

Yasmin came to Karvaan’s training centre in Gujranwala through a neighbor who was doing a course at that time. At the time of joining Kaarvan, she only had one motive that was to find a way to earn bread for her family. It was rather a necessity than a willing decision to enroll in such a program, so she did.

Today, she has stepped into her last week of training. Yasmin has come far in terms of learning skills that were new to her three months ago. She says she is pretty good at drawing, weaving and sewing now. Yasmin has intentions to start her own work at home to become self-dependent and to uplift her family’s living conditions.