Tasleem Akhtar

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute



20 years young, Tasleem is a brave-heart all set to change the world. After she was told that it was not right for girls to get an education, Tasleem was pulled from school after she completed her matric. With an incomplete education, she choose to follow other pursuits and took up stitching and fashion designing as a passion and a possible career path. Despite opposition from her family and gossip mongers around her, Tasleem kept her head high and fought for her right to learn. Today, she’s become more than just a young girl fighting for her education.

Tasleem joined the training center at Kaarvan Crafts Foundation to learn about the various kinds of stitching techniques and fashion wear complexities. All the while, not only was she learning skills for herself, she was determined to use these skills for the betterment of society. Why? Because she felt that she had to show everyone around her why her pursuit of learning and training was worthwhile.

Today, she has convinced not just her family, but also those around her. She has managed to show them why educating and training girls is not just important, it is entirely necessary. Of the money that she earned, she was able to help pay her mother’s medical bills. Additionally, her quest to build a customer friendly clothing shop makes her a socially responsible citizen who is all set to change the world!