Tanvir Sadiq

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


With five exceptionally smart children, Tanvir Sadiq and her husband struggle to make ends meet. But that struggle has only ever resulted in bigger, better things for her. Tanvir began her journey with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, when she saw a small training center pop up in her village. From there on, her journey has been one where she’s aimed for the best, and her determination obliterated every obstacle in her way.

During her time with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, Tanvir learned how to become a sales agent, and navigate the markets correctly. She states that before her time with Kaarvan, she was able to earn around 5000 PKR. But now, she has almost doubled her income and can earn up to 12, 13 thousand PKR per month. She says that from the work, she has learned how to work with a certain etiquette and that is has helped her in becoming a far more successful worker.

Today, Tanvir joins the world as a graduate of Kaarvan, and a woman changed. She aspires to open her own stitching supply chain, and she claims that she has learned how to do that effectively. She is ready to overcome every difficulty that comes her way, and nothing will stop her from becoming what she wants to be; an empowered member of her community.