Sundas Mariam

Sundas Mariam


Sundas Mariam is the only sister of three brothers, a young girl who is braving the world in the face of her physical disability. Suffering from muscular weakness, Sundas talks with a stutter, has difficulty in walking and faces constant pain at times. But nothing has ever stood in the way of her dreams and ambitions. Dropping out of school early without completing her education, Sundas left on account of the way people treated her with hostility and derision. But she didn’t give up.

Currently enrolled in a fashion wear and fashion design course at our training center in Gujranwala, Sundas is currently pursuing her passion of learning about clothes and textiles. Despite her muscular weakness, she braves a long distance every day to reach our center and join other young girls in learning. She says that she has learned not to be affected by what people around her say about her behind her back. Her stance is one of courage and resilience, where she has wiled herself to face the adversities and come out stronger.

After her graduation, Sundas says that she wants to work for herself, and become a self-reliant woman who can bear her won expenses and earn with her family. She maintains that the center has helped her build her strength, and she wishes to utilize all that she is learning to create something for her name.

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