Sughra bibi

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


Sughra is a skilled individual. She knows how to stich, do adda work, taarkashi, as well as embroidery. Unfortunately, fate hasn’t been kind to her.

Her husband died in a motorcycle accident 11 years ago, leaving her to take care of their two sons and daughter on her own. Her inlaws added to her hardships when they usurped her children’s inheritance. They also caused trouble for her when she started taking training from Kaarvan by following her when she left her house. To make matters worse, despite her talent, she is unable to find work. She has gone to countless businesses looking for employment, but shopkeepers either lead her on to no end, or cheat her into giving them her products paying her for them.

She is worried because her children often go to bed hungry, and she feels like she is losing her eyesight. Sughra is not one to give up though:

“Mai inka saamna zaroor karoon gi, pechay nai hatoon go!”