Shiza Khursheed

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


Shiza Khursheed is a 17-year old girl in Bahawalpur. Born to Khursheed Ahmed and Farkhanda Khursheed, she is the one of the seven offspring. Her father is a clerk in school, who has been in the same job for around twenty years. The wage is fixed, but minimal and did not always manage to feed nine mouths in the house. Considering this, Shiza’s mother started her business of apparel after enrolling in one of Kaarvan’s program eight years ago. She has been working as a Micro-Entrepreneur, which has augmented the household income significantly.

Growing up in an environment where her mother was running a successful apparel business, Shiza joined KCF’s Fashion Design training SFE 2015 after completion of her education till 10th Grade. The three-month program induced in her a passion for fashion design, which Shiza wants to convert into her formal profession. She recalls the constraints her community and distant relatives posed for her mother and continued to pose for herself when she took up training. Shiza would often walk 5 kilometers to attend the course, while the neighbors and their distant relatives would eye her with with disapproval and not refrain from pitching in a phrase of contempt at her on road. Shiza now laughs at the turning of the tables, whereby the daughters of the same relatives and neighbors would bring their clothes to be stitched and ask her to design it for them.

She quotes her mother as her idol, who has managed to save her family and made sure that they have enough resources to not only feed the family, but also to pay for her children’s education including Shiza’s 3 year DDM (Diploma in Dress Designing & Making) course, equivalent to intermediate. Shiza believes whereas her mother’s stitching is best in town, the design element has a room for improvement. Shiza aims to fill this gap in her mother’s business. Gazing at the open kitchen and the small toilet while conversing, Shiza wants to renovate her house by the income she earns. She is set on her path to do so.