Shakila Story

Shakeela Tabbasum


Shakeela Tabbasum was born in Gujranwala. In her young age she learned to stitch cloths but due to a fear of doing it wrong Shakeela did not practice it on a wide commercial end. She used stitch cloths for her family, friends and neighbors to make earnings before joining our training centre in Gujranwala. Shakeela’s qualification is till her middle school which she was unable to complete due to financial restrains. In spite of this disadvantage, she successfully educated her siblings as dreamt for herself by the earnings of her immature stitching skills. They are currently completing their Bachelor’s Degree.

She was married 8 years ago and her husband does labor work. He earns about 15-20 thousand per month. Currently she is driven by the wish to provide a better future for the children as she has quoted, “Bachay zindagi ka sarmaya hain, bachay agay jaien to fir hi hamay agay ley kay jain gey.” Her children go to private school however her husband’s income is not sufficient enough to provide for household chores after paying the school fee of their children. In order to provide for those household chores and savings, she joined the Kaarvan training centre through the reference of a trainee from the batch before her.

After joining Kaarvan she has gained confidence and can easily commercialize her skills. With help of this diploma, she wishes to start working on a bigger scale preferably at home so that she can also take care of her children, educate them and earn better.