Shaheen Mustafa

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


The eldest in five siblings, Shaheen Mustafa struggles alongside her mother to keep their family running; their efforts consistently hindered by Shaheen’s addict father, who refuses to move take responsibility of the family. While Shaheen’s mother has left her father to ensure the safety of the children, there are still problems that keep tracking back to the family.

Shaheen states that she started working around the age of 17, taking her place alongside her mother as the main breadwinner of the family. While the mother works as a housemaid, Shaheen had a skill to capitalize on; she was able to stitch clothes for a factory. Her mother pulled in Rs.10,000 while she earned Rs.15000 a month. The total was just enough to ensure that they turn to the streets. At such an age, to live with such a burden would be enough to break the best of us. But Shaheen powers through, taking every day as a new challenge, as a new beginning. She states that sometimes she wonders what it would be like to live a life without the responsibility of her family on her shoulders; to be carefree, to live like a young girl. But her wonder is never shadowed by regret; instead, her resolve to help her family, to live a life worth living, is only strengthened.

While Shaheen did leave her schooling to work, her will to learn has not diminished. She joined a KCF training center in Gujranwala to learn more about fashion design and fashion wear in order to be able to earn more for her family. She states that joining the center has made her more comfortable in her own skin; she is able to leave the house without fear, and take on new challenges without a sense of fear.