Shabana Story

Shabana Ismail


Married at the age of seventeen to a person who was already married with kids, Shabana went through a journey that seems impossible for anyone to take on. A few days after her marriage, her husband’s first wife appeared and thus, she found out that she was betrayed. At that young age, she decided not to take a divorce because it would certainly mean burdening her parents. For a good number of years, this dispute didn’t resolve. First wife used to live on and off at their house, but she never took her kids along; leaving them to Shabana for care. At last, she married someone else and left the kids permanently to her. Nevertheless, Shabana never showed any resentment to the kids and feed them like their own. She loved, nurtured, educated and later married them as well. Along the way, Shabana also gave birth to seven beautiful kids of her own.

It’s been 18 years since their marriage, and her husband has entered his old age-turned 57 this year. Living in a remote area of Gujranwala (Sadiq town), and looking after the family with her husband’s seasonal business of soft drink refills; she is unable to feed and educate her own kids now. Her husband stays sick mostly and can’t work effectively. This fear Shabana as her smallest child is about five and if something happens to her husband she will not be able to provide for her kids at all.

Shabana’s sister who is married in another city told her about Kaarvan and the trainings that have helped her immensely. She talked to her husband about it and he allowed Shabana to give it a try because he himself couldn’t do much for them anymore. Hence, she joined Kaarvan SFJ session this April.

Her training ended in June, and she seemed more confident than ever. On our last talk with her, she said, “Allah ne akhir moka dey he diya.” She dreams to open a center of her own and teach communally bounded girls to follow the same path. She is also thinking to start a small clothing line in future.