Seher Mustafa


Seher Mustafa is a young girl of 19, hailing from a low-income family, with a very prominent birth defect. But her story is one that is beautiful inside and out. Seher was born with a slight birth defect on her nose. Since her childhood, all she can remember is being afraid of people, or the ‘outside’, or of how her face would elicit remarks from those who would see her on the streets. Thus, her fear kept her confined to the limited spaces that she allowed herself to venture. This included her home and her school. Soon she stopped going to school altogether and completed part of her education staying at home.

Today, however, is a different story. With multiple operations, Seher has been supported by her family to overcome her inhibitions about her appearance. Not only has she managed to complete her education up till intermediate, she has also been able to will herself to face people head on. No longer is she the meek little girl who choose to hide away in her home. Today, she travels daily to the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Training Center and enjoys a healthy social life.

The energy with which Seher takes on her life, and the vigour with which she holds her head up high is inspirational, not just for us, but for the girls around her. She is a living breathing example of how to take control of her life and pursue her passion without people holding her back.