Sabahat Shahzad


Sabahat Shahzad, married to a mentally disabled man was sent home by her in-laws on familial disputes recently. She is pregnant yet that doesn’t hold enough meaning in the eyes of her in-laws. They don’t want her in their house on the mere thought that their son seems to care more for her than them. Sabahat’s husband is under treatment. His ability to retain daily life incidents is weak so, he lives on the assistance of others. In the beginning, regardless of his disability he seemed as a nice person. However, soon things started to turn around and Sabahat’s in-laws brought her husband to a state where he would often beat her for no reason what so ever.

She is currently living with her parents, and three younger sisters. Father being the sole earner of the family is unable to provide well on daily wages. Sabahat always wanted to be a son to his father but her under matric qualification, and immature stitching skills never aided her in any way before. She always wanted to study and not like many others parents in her community, her folks as well. Even for matriculation examinations, her mother sold her earrings to pay for Sabahat’s admission but unluckily she failed one subject that ended all future possibilities. It wasn’t because of a miniature setback but the fact that they couldn’t meet the expense one more time.

A few months ago, Kaarvan’s team visited Maziwala town in Gujranwala, where they met Sabahat. Obviously, for her it was an opportunity for a different future then the one already in the picture, but it wasn’t easy. Ongoing situation with her in-laws, and neighbors whining made her doubt her steps. However, Sabahat left these worries behind with a sole purpose of proving her worth to her unborn baby one day. After taking 3 months of SFJ training at Kaarvan, Sabahat is now handy with stitching lady suits and designing techniques. She feels very delighted of the experience she had Kaarvan. For her, it was like another family, who not only discovered her capabilities for her but helped Sabahat in her problems as well. She recalls a moment, where she was once sick and couldn’t afford her medicine but Kaarvan took that responsibility until she was well again.

According to her, she is a new self. With her refined skills, she aims to help her partially blind mother in sewing male garments as well as designing and stitching of lady outfits from home.