Rubi Saleem

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


Married at only seventeen years of age, Rubi Saleem never had the opportunity to experience anything other than that which others pushed her into. Her father died young, which meant that she had no protective guidance; with no father, the low-income household thought it best to rid themselves of any liabilities as early as possible, and Rubi was one of them. The young girl soon became mother to two kids. She was still just as lost; she had no formal education, no hard skill and, it would seem, no will to pursue anything.

As her kids grew up, Rubi realized that she had to step up for those that depended on her. She mentions that money was always a problem, and the humiliation that she had to go through every time she asked for money was too much. She soon realized that she had to be someone, to do something, so that she could give a better future to her kids. “I want to show the world what a mother can do for her children.” It is through this motivation that Rubi comes every day to the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation training center in Gujranwala to learn stitching and fashion designing.

Rubi still faces immense pressure from her husband and family to stop what she is doing. But the haven that she has found in the KCF training center is something she is not willing to give up. She says that her trainers have not only trained her, but they have also helped her in empowering herself and believing that she a talent, that she has value. Rubi’s life speaks volume of the support system that the training center had created, and we feel proud that someone like her is stepping up to become an empowered individual who knows her place in the world.