Rabia Story

Rabia Zubaira


Rabia Zubaira (24 years of age) was born in a family of 4 sisters. She was married outside her family which is considered unfavorable in certain rural areas of Pakistan such as hers. According to Rabia, this was reason her marriage didn’t last long. She used to be badly treated by her in laws. In the beginning of the relationship, she tried to make things normal between her and the in-laws, but familial issues never stopped. At last, when things went way out of her reach she took a divorced. Up till now, she has never been able to emotionally recover from the experience. She expresses her pain in a diary as she thinks that expressing publicly makes it more painful.

When she came back home, she was dependent on her father who worked at a warehouse as a laborer. Two of her sisters were married but still 3 others were relying on their father’s income, including her. However, the financially struggling family were never ungrateful of how they were, as she said “Shukar hai Allah ka keh ha jis tarhan dunya rethi hai ussi tarhan hum rehtein hain.”

Before joining Kaarvan, Rabia had some prior stitching skills, but she wanted to put a commercial aspect to her skills. So, when she heard about our centre from one of Kaarvan’s instructor living nearby, she immediately enrolled herself in our SFJ program.

Rabia says that Kaarvan has become a big diversion from the stresses she faced after her divorce. She is currently polishing her skills of designing and stitching. She intends to start her own home-based work soon.