Rabia Parveen

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute



Rabia joined KaarvanCarfts Foundation in order to be better able to help her father financially. She left her education prematurely, since her family could not afford her schooling any further. With no experience on how to deal with people, no tangible skills, and half an education, Rabia never backed down from facing the world. Her strength came from one place only: she wanted freedom; freedom to work, freedom to earn, freedom to support her family, and the freedom to follow her dreams.

Thus, when Rabia joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, she had one goal in mind; she wanted to open her own boutique. But during her time with the organization, she faced multiple obstacles. As the youngest in her family, she was constantly met with opposition from the people around her. Why travel, why learn a skill, why work, why leave the house; these were only a few of the objections that she had to deal with on a daily basis. Her sense of self was deteriorating, and she felt inferior to everyone around her.

But Rabia’s perseverance paid off. Today, she stands as a proud graduate of the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Training Institute. Her course has enabled her to learn skills such as stitching, fashion designing and fast fashion trends analysis. Her hope is that one day she will be able to open her own shop. Currently she is working on building up her courage and learning how to take on the world.