Nan Tara Story

Nain Tara


Nain Tara is the fifth child amongst her other 5 siblings in the village of Khanga Sharif, Bahawalpur. Her mother is fighting illness and her household is struggling as a result of her father passing away from a heart attack 8 months ago. Her father who lived in Karachi for 18 years did catering in a wedding company, and was the only one in the family who used to earn. Nain Tara’s three eldest sisters have been married and she lives with her unmarried sister, mother and younger brother. Her younger brother is currently studying according to the wishes of his late father. His educational expenses have been taken on a loan which is expected to be relieved through the employment of his elder sisters.

Nain Tara had never learned any skill in any form before she got to know of Kaarvan through our promotional team. There were other villagers, who taught such skills but the fear of people taking her intentions in a wrong way, she never went for it. However, when she visited Kaarvan it was a different experience. No one was there to judge her but rather she was amazed by the respect she received. Soon, she enrolled herself with her sister in our SFJ program.

Currently, it’s their last week of training. According to Nain Tara, She and her sister have learned new set of skills such as drawing, weaving and stitching. They are hoping to get employed soon to pay their younger brother’s educational dues.