Skills helped me break
many social barriers
that had kept me caged
in all these years

I am the younger sister of Asia who you might have heard of before. My name is Nadia Ijaz and I am currently pursuing a double major in Mathematics. Along with my sister, I secured a place in Kaarvan for myself. I love to learn whether its numbers, patterns or design. I have always had a flame of spirit and dreams that soared high and I hope to become the beacon of change as I grow and learn more. As life progresses, I am sure that I will always remember the training that led me to the path I am on today. It is this path that enabled me to achieve my goals and dream for even more. I have learned to value myself and take pride in who I am and the work I do. Instead of being left unheard, my opinion today is heard. People come to me with their queries and problems and they listen to what I have to say. It is this self-worth that Kaarvan has enabled me to recognize that I would call my single biggest achievement!