Nadia Yaqoob

Nadia Yaqoob

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


In a group of five siblings, Nadia lands right in the middle. She is the elder sister to two younger brothers, and has one elder brother and one elder sister herself. Living in 26 BC, a small village near the city of Bahawalpur, Nadia, her four other siblings, and her mother and father make a hearty family of five. But while this family might have a lot of heart, sometimes it takes unapologetic mettle to brave the world and fight for your dreams. And that is exactly what Nadia did.

Nadia was pulled from school at a young age, because the people around her felt that girls shouldn’t leave the house. She herself believes that “women should leave the house and work side by side with men to show them that we can do the same things.” But at the same time, she also acknowledges that she often can’t follow her own beliefs because of the people around her. She states that her extended family and the people of the village have created a very hostile environment for girls; “it is looked down upon for girls to leave the house, they should only stay in the private.” But in the same breath, she also states that she will do whatever it takes to ensure that she fights against this unfair treatment.

In pursuit of her dreams, Nadia convinced her mother and father to let her attend a stitching course at the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Training Institute in Bahawalpur. Her resilience shines through in the way that she convinced her immediate family to trust her with the world. And their trust paid off. Today, Nadia is a skilled stitcher, who has become an earning head in her family, with a steady monthly income.

For the future, Nadia hopes that she can continue to grow in the field of stitching, and make it possible for other young girls in her area to travel around and enjoy life to the fullest. Despite the opposition she faces from those around her, the support her siblings and parents give her is enough to keep her going. And we’re right behind her in the mission!