Nadia Ijaz

Nadia Ijaz


Meet Nadia; Asia’s younger sister. But that’s not all that she is. Pursuing an undergrad double major in Mathematics, Nadia is a spirited youngster who is unstoppable in her drive to become an empowered change maker in society. Nadia joined the program with her elder sister. And even though they were in the same class, there was nothing that could stop Nadia from shinning in the spotlight. She is immensely passionate about fashion designing and loves the work that she’s now able to do, after her graduation from the Kaarvan Training Institute in Bahawalpur.

As Nadia moves forward with life, she claims that she will always remember the KCF Training Institute. She says it’s where she learned how to value herself and her work. She feels that her self-worth has gone up after the completion of her course:

“They listen to me now. They ask me now.”

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