Nabeela Kausar

Nabeela Kausar

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


After completing her intermediate examination (around high school level), Nabeela Kausar dropped out of school. Her reason: her family thought that her education was affecting that of her brothers, since he used to pick and drop her from school. Due to social constraints, they refused to allow her to travel alone. Thus, Nabeela had to discontinue her education and look for other ways to occupy her time. Soon after, she found Kaarvan Crafts Foundation.

She claims that due to her own interests, she found stitching as a worthwhile skill to learn and practice. During her time at the KCF center, she learned how to stitch clothes, practice fashion wear and create a lasting impression through the products she creates. Despite the initial difficulties she faced with stitching and fabric management, Nabeela stuck to her ground and continued to learn and improve. Today, she claims that she can stitch as well as any designer or fashion house.

But Nabeela’s journey with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation is not just limited to her learning of newer skills. Previously dis-allowed to leave the house alone, her work with the organization gave her family a new found confidence in her capabilities. She claims that after she got a first position in the course, she was allowed to travel all the way from her village to the city of Bahawalnagar; all by herself. This new found mobility induced a greater sense of self-belief, and in turn, Nabeela was able to impact her family. She became an earning member, helping out her father with household finances. Today, she is a staunch believer of educating more girls like her; strong, independent and caring.