Musarat Bibi

New skill
Changed my
outlook on life

After my marriage, I saw how much my husband struggled to provide addequately for us, his family. I realised then that it was not just women who were oppressed in our society but also men who were burdened with immense responsibilites. I decided to assist my husband to whatever extent that I could. With the support of my mother-in-law, I joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation to recieve vocational training. I started learning stitching so I could gain economically out of this skill. Little did I know that attaining a new skill will bring with it an entirely changed outlook on life.

While I helped my husband make our ends meet, I felt increasingly driven. I had never felt this tinge of excitement and faith in myself. Come what may, I knew I will now be able to handle it. This resillience was a new aspect of my life that I entirely owe to Kaarvan’s team who had put blind faith in me so that I could become firm. As I help my husband financially, I now also aspire to serve as an inspiration of strength for other women around me.