Manzoora bibi

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


It’s not easy for a 30-year-old to go back to school, but Manzoora has managed to find the courage to do it. She had dropped out of school before giving her Matriculate examinations. After her divorce Manzoora decided that it was time she completed her studies. Her mother has been a great source of support and encouragement, and it is with her help that she approached Kaarvan.

Manzoora is already a stitcher, and is looking for ways to increase her earnings. She is determined to have reliable source of income and isn’t afraid of working hard. One of her driving forces is her desire to provide for her children.

“Mein chahtee hooon kay mereey haath mein paisay ayein take mein apney bachoon ka mustaqbil achha kar sakoon. Koi na kahe kai mainay bachon ka faida uthaya.”