Kalsoom Tahira

Kulsoom Tahira


Kulsoom Tahira  joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation as a trainee in the Skills for Market program. Skills for Market (SFM), one of the programs run by Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF), was part of a national skills training drive whereby countless women were trained in various market oriented vocational skills. Kulsoom became a trainee at the SFM program at a time in her life when trouble was rife and solutions seemed scarce. Kulsoom was a single parent to a special child, and her husband was not in the picture. While she did have a place to stay at her parents, Kulsoom was still considered an outcast among her society. Thus, when she joined the SFM program, she slowly felt that she was gaining back the control she had lost over her life.

Kulsoom learnt a variety of skills in the program according to what was being taught by the curriculum. However, she also learnt other valuable life skills such as how to be at peace with herself, how to deal with outsiders and how to take charge of her future. As soon as she graduated, Kulsoom wasted no time in collecting all the information she had learnt and putting her grand plan into motion.

Today, a few months after her graduation from the Kaarvan program, Kulsoom has done what no other trainee has to date; she has managed to open up a training center of her own. Following the curriculum and the teaching methods and styles of the program taught at Kaarvan, Kulsoom has been running a localized training center where she is furthering the mission of Kaarvan Crafts Foundation. In the act of standing up and taking charge, not just of her life, but of the lives of every girl around her, Kulsoom believes that her center is working towards the cause of empowering women through educating them and making them into capable and empowered actors of society.

It is women like Kulsoom, and the power that they have to change the world which makes us believe in what we do. While Kulsoom started off as a social outcast, today, she has become a role-model in her society. She has embodied the inspiration to do, the will move forward and most importantly, the change that she wants to see in the world.

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