Irum Shezadi


“I have never did anything wrong to anybody, so I feel satisfied for who I am and what my life is like” It’s not easy to look at life like a journey without regrets but when the people that are substantially inferior than you sees life as a blessing, it prickles you existence. Irum Shezadi is one of them. She lives in Kacha Fatomand, Gujranwala with kids and a husband that works on daily wages. She was married young by her parents therefore ending her schooling in the middle. She learned stitching from her mother when she was young thus to put up with her kids expenses she worked from home, stitching men cloths for people in her community. Whatever her husband earned was spend on household chores. At her kids schooling age, Irum enrolled them in a private school with her savings, and since then she pay their dues as well. Irum says, “Her parents taught her that never beg to anyone, do something with whatever you are capable of”.

Irum was looking for an opportunity to learn lady stitching as well as to break the usual paradigm of designing to improve her income generating possibilities. In an interaction with a few girls in her neighborhood, she found out about Kaarvan. She didn’t want to miss the chance of a possible improvement, so she enrolled herself in our previous session.

In the last week of training when we talked to Irum she said, “It doesn’t feel like a institute or class, it Feels like family and home”. She loved the new techniques taught by Kaarvan and they have made her a lot better at stitching as well as given her a designer frame of mind. Irum dreams to be teacher and start a center of her own, thereby she could share her skills and love with the girls in her community like Kaarvan does.