I deserved better,
and I will make
it so!

Sitting on the charpai in my house, I felt a sting in my heart. I was only a little girl when my family had forced me to leave education. I felt lost and clueless thrown into an early marriage. It had been three years since I had been married; three incrediblytough years where I questioned myself every day. What if I had continued pursuing my dreams and hopes? Oh, how must it feel had I been a fashion designer! Questions that had no answers but those that left me wondering. That day, as the sun shone bright, I looked at the heavens above the skies resenting the life that I had been given. I certainly deserved better, I had thought. And it suddenly struck me, yes, I deserved better, and I will make it so!

In the years that followed, I pushed myself to remain determined. But it was becoming exceedingly hard. I had worked with all my passion only to see someone else taking the credit. Crushed, I rose up once again promising myself to work hard towards a day where my talents will be appreciated as my own. With this resolve, I joined Kaarvan Crafts as a Fashion Designer trainer. Initially underconfident, my peers gave me the strength to overcome my fears and never let my inexperience get in the way.

Today, my students are my biggest strength and together, in all the time I have spent here, we have learnt a lot from each other and have come a long way. Seeing them learn skills everyday, restores my faith in myself. Now, I am 30 years old and when I go back home every evening, I look at my son who I have raised as a single parent. It had at first seemed hard. How would I raise him alone and work at the same time? Worries that had vanished over time because it had all been worth every bit of my effort. It had all come to down one simple resolve: he must have a better future, and there is nothing in the world that can stop me from giving that to him.