Fatima Batool

Fatima Batool


At 38 years of age, Fatima Batool has 3 daughters, 3 sons and a world full of possibilities. She joined Kaarvan at a time when she was working hard, but opportunities to improve and to excel were far and few in between. Batool’s story is one of strength, of resilience; it is a story of the drive to do something larger than life. And that is exactly what Fatima Batool has done.

But Batool’s is not a journey of ease. For 5 years, she hid behind non-truths to take her trainings. Batool believed that she could not continue with her trainings since she felt that her family would not support her. So she took help from other women around her in the Kaarvan program to come up with ingenious solutions to attend the trainings without telling her family. Unstoppable and undeterred, Fatima continued on her mission. She paid no heed to what others would say. And her passion paid off.

Today, Batool has managed to become an integral part of various localized clothing supply chains. Not only is her work in demand, she is consistently improving the quality of her work by expanding her business, training more people and up scaling her operations. And while business is blooming, Fatima Batool has also managed to use this platform for her personal growth. When she joined Kaarvan, she had no formal education. Today, she stands proud with a Matric certification under her belt. Her work is flourishing, and she has managed to secure a safe life for her kids where they can work towards a better life. Batool’s story is one of inspiration; one of resilience; and one of the best kinds of courage – the courage to take ownership of her life and make her own future.

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