Farkhanda Baji

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute


Farkhanda Baji joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation at a point in her life where she was stuck between a nexus of social and economic problems. She was living in a low-income house-hold, where her husband was earning a minimal amount, and with a hoard of kids to feed and clothe, Farkhanda found herself in the middle of fights almost daily; fighting over money, over food, over the house, over property. It seemed that no problem had a solution. However, it was only once Farkhanda decided to bring up the courage to step out of the house and start working that she realized that the real power to change her circumstances was always with her. She joined Kaarvan to learn market oriented skills and soon, she became a sales agents who was capable enough to go on and begin an entrepreneurial venture of her own. From a point in her life, where she did not have enough food to feed her kids, to a point where she is now putting her kids through school, building a permanent house, fighting for her property and creating a better future for herself, Farkhanda is an institution on her own. Her formal education is not as strong, but she is making sure that her kids get the best that she can manage.

Today, Farkhanda manages her own business where she manages around 200 plus women artisans under her. Not only has she become a role model for her family, she has become an inspiration in the community, and for us.