Azra Iqbal


Azra Iqbal is a 13 year old girl who stepped out of her home to support her family. She has 4 siblings among only one works on daily wages. Her father is sick, so feeding a family of 7 people with one on and off income is not sufficient. In this young age, her dream to make her parents healthy and happy regardless of her family circumstances, is an exceptional example of love.
From last few months, things were tough for Azra’s family. Hence, when she got to know about an institute that gives free training by one of our teachers, she immediately enrolled herself. Knowing Azra’s love for her family, her parents and siblings agreed as well.

She has currently completed her training, and feels certain that this would help her in future. According to her, Kaarvan has given her a lot of confidence and maturity. Her favorite part of the training was the sketching for designs as she always loved working with colors but couldn’t afford coloring pencils. She says that she is all set to make cloths for her family as gifts, and also become an earning hand while being at home. She dreams that one day, she would stitch cloths for blind people free of cost as she has a soft-corner for those who can’t see colors.