Anam Azad Story

Anum Azad


Education not only grows your cognitive capabilities, but it integrates a sense of belonging. However, if one does not have that fortuity, the time turns optimism to depression. Same was the case with Anum Azad from Khanqa Sharif, Bahawalpur. Her parents pull Anum out from school when she was in 8th grade. Many explanations were given, but the actual reason was the society and its norms.
As she grew up, Anum saw her brothers going out for work. Even her parents used to work, leaving her alone at home to do all the household chores. To spend time, she began learning sewing and stitching on her own. She wanted to be a part of something, and valued as an important member of the family. However, a time came when the walls of the house slowly receded, and the feeling of being a no body took over her thoughts. She could have snapped anytime. Thanks to one of her old friends from school that was an alumnus of Kaarvan who told her to at least refine her stitching skills. Maybe, her parents would allow her to work, if she gets a job in some boutique. Anum was first reluctant but she decided to give it a try. Her family agreed to it because it was a 3 months course. Hence, Anum became a part of kaarvan.

She has completed her SFJ program, and she seems like a new Anum. She says that Kaarvan has become her second home. Her loneliness has disappeared. She dreams to do a job with the skills she acquired from Kaarvan. According to Anum, Kaarvan’s trainings are the most innovative thing around Bahawalpur.