Anees Fatima

Kaarvan Alumnus
KCF Training institute



At only 19, Anees has taken more responsibility than her years. Eldest to five sisters and a brother, Anees currently lives with her maternal aunt. After the demise of her father, her mother could not support the family financially, which is why Anees and her siblings had to move into their aunts. With limited formal education, and no vocational skill, Anees found it increasingly hard to help her family, and her aunt had to pay for Anees and her family’s expenses. However, Anees was determined to change her circumstances. And that is exactly what she did.

Anees joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation and enrolled in the courses for stitching and fashion designing. Soon, she was stitching clothes to earn money. Her vocational training with the organization came with additional knowledge of entrepreneurial behaviors, and that led to Anees becoming an earning member for her family.

Today, Anees is able to help her aunt in supporting her brother and sisters. While she might not be fully independent at the moment, this young girl is more determined than ever to become self-sufficient and help her siblings live a good life.