Living is all about
taking risks

With no formal education coupled with a social background where my husband and I could hardly survive, I had always pondered over the future of my son. We had nothing spare a few cattle which my husband managed because he was unemployed. Soon, our economic insecurities had enveloped our lives to the extent that I had to step outside my house looking for a job trying to make ends meet.

What was I to do in a world that was unaccepting of outsiders? How was I to carve my way through — that too, without any education or skills? I was scared. But I held on to the vision where my child would have an education and opportunities at his disposal — this was my motivation, my strength, and the reason behind my resilience. No matter what the circumstances I had decided to keep moving forward. After all, the only way to go when you have hit rock bottom is to go up. It was at this time that I came in contact with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation. This encounter changed my life in ways that I had never expected it to.

Through the platform that was provided, I first completed training in stitching and fashion designing and later further took up the entrepreneurial trainings in Market Linkages. I not only learnt a skill but also learnt how to market it in such a way that it brings significant economic gains. I carved a niche for my skills that had otherwise seemed impossible when I first stepped outside my house. Today I stand tall as a woman who has strived through great difficulties to emerge empowered, courageous, and confident. And indeed, there is so much more to achieve!