Social Justice Week with Rural Women and Fellow Change Makers

A week long of interactive workshops was held at 5 districts of Punjab: Gujranwala, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, Sheikhupura and Bahawalpur — a great gathering of change makers as Punjab Commission on the Status of Women and Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan also joined us alongside women artisans — as we discussed the idea of justice, fairness, inclusivity and participation through interactive activities with rural women.

“Clarity is kindness.” Rural women showcased this during the confronting stereotypes as whispered to Kaarvan team to assist participants that couldn’t read the label. In the hypothetical flood catastrophe their deep listening, open will and responsiveness to the situation as team led them unlock and getaway from catastrophe. During the deconstruction and reconfiguration of Article 37 of Pakistani Constitution these women came to terms with the invisible way power shows itself in groups — who speaks up; who talks over who; what of the quiet listener? It was great learning sharing session of communication skills, teamwork, decision-making skills, conflict resolution skills and self-awareness. In addition to field workshops, there was an ongoing digital dialogue on social media and with RJ Sophie around the concept and meaning of social justice; #JustBeJust.

Confronted societal stereotypes & cultural cliques

associated with work professions

Reconfigured Article 37 of Pakistani Constitution

to meet local demands