International Women’s Day 2020

Created hopeful human rights images/ speech bubble posters

International Rural Women’s Day 2019

Mapped out the “Nodal Points” where human rights are crystallized

International Women’s Day 2019

Livestock Trainers at Narowal practiced their dialogic speaking & showcased quick adaptability and responsiveness

International Day for Tolerance 2018

Pakistani female artisans became more self aware of their innate leadership skills

Legal Rights Workshop 2018

Familiarizing the Female Trainees with their Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities

International Rural Women’s Day 2018

Pattoki Women envisioned and created new artefacts/ objects that they would like to see in reality

Gender Responsive Workshop 2018

Need to understand that gender is a dynamic and changeable concept

International Women’s Day 2018

Celebrated resilience of Trainees in overcoming personal/ structural/ cultural barriers in their life.

Bending Gender Rules at Aitchison Art Fest 2017

To shift main focus from problematising violence to envisioning peace

International Rural Women’s Day 2017

Rural and urban women interact to deconstruct, unlearn and reflect upon our existing ideas of gender