Blog – Our pursuit for the idea of equality and empowering women

If we travel back to history, men were always been viewed as strong and more grounded beings while women have been thought to be weaker sex with contrast to men. However, Things rapidly turned around for women in western world when 19th century was confined by opportunity battles and female activism. Women of the west are currently allowed to go to work, accomplish instruction in whatever field they want or more all ladies are currently given equivalent open doors and benefits, which were once just accessible to the men. Nevertheless, Middle-East with its everlasting male-predominance thinking didn’t consider the thought adequate. Over the time-frame, diverse Middle-Eastern states have conceded rights to ladies like, Lebanon, Kuwait, Pakistan etc. However on factual grounds, the conventional boundaries are by all accounts sufficiently high that traverse for the most part prompts familial issues, gender discrimination and in some certain cases, bloodshed. Pakistan faces such issues on a considerably higher scale in view of its 61.4% populace being from rural areas with no proper system of education and execution of laws. Women here thinks that it’s difficult to break the customary perspective because of family pressure or dread of what society would say. They for the most part survive tough circumstances due to poverty, yearning, and hopelessness. Income generation relies on the males and mostly they tend to fall short due to fewer opportunities and low wages. Hence, Spreading the universal idea of equality and women empowerment would definitely make a difference for the low-income communities, society on the whole and of course for women in rural areas of Pakistan.


Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, a non-profit organization has taken a pledge to encourage, enroll, educate, enable and empower women to become a part of formal economy and support their families and themselves by earning a dignified livelihood. In last 13 years, we were able to encourage over 14000 women to comprehend that the idea of income equality as their privilege and maybe the only chance to change their lives forever. This journey was never simple yet we assured to craft Pakistan’s image by depicting the real strength and sweat of women. Thus now, we have women who did wonders just by falling in love with Kaarvan’s message of equality, and they have exceptional stories to tell. So, stay tuned.