Our Impact

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation has been working on the field since 2004, trying to play its part in empowering women and creating sustainable avenues for development. To date, our footprint has spread across a large part of rural Punjab and KPK. With over 13000 women trained in vocational skills, more than 8000 women have been capacitated with market linkages in order to integrate them into the economy. 455 women have been given real-time training by taking them into the market hubs and teaching them the basics of ‘business as usual.’ Additionally, over 900 villages in 11 districts have become home to over 200 Skills centers and Training hubs.

The impact of education, enabling and empowering one woman is multifold in the social benefits that it creates. Not only do women re-invest in society at a higher rate, they also focus more on healthier better families, which leads to a healthier, better societies.