Blog – Part 2: Kaarvan Crafts Foundation

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation is non-profit organisation with the main goal to empower women. More than 13,000 women benefited from different programs of the organisation.

For me it is a very good experience to work for Kaarvan Craft Foundation because it is my dream to either work for the government, a non-profit organisation or a non-government organisation. I hope to bring a change in some people’s life and change it to a better one. I am born in a privileged country and I have the luck to get everything I need in my life. Not everybody is as lucky as I am and because of that I think it is my duty to do something useful in my life and change something for people with less possibilities in life. Thus, I was very interested to work in this area. Pakistan especially is very interesting for me because until now I saw the world more from the side of a developed country as Switzerland. I was trying to make myself aware of the problems of developing countries but in the end the media and university focus is on the problems a developing country is facing and the specific problems of Switzerland and Europa. This project gave me an opportunity to see it from the side of Pakistan and see what problem a country in the development sector faces. I had the opportunity to meet people with very different perspectives read local newspapers and learn about the differences and the things that are in common.




As a woman I think it is especially important to work in this sector. Women are still not equal to men. In some cases it is only about the salaries and smaller things but in other countries like Pakistan there is a lot of work to do and I personally think that this is the time for change in society. I think it is in process but there are many important things to support this process. In my opinion it is very difficult to respect a culture with its family structures but still try to change it in its possibilities to a better one. Women in Pakistan suffer a lot of inequality. Many schools are only for boys and many girls don’t go to school because of various reason like the parents don’t want them to go, or the child is not willing to go there or it’s just too far away from their home. That leads to a very low economic participation and educational attainment. For the women with no or only limited education, training centers like the one Kaarvan Crafts Foundation provides is a very good possibility to improve their socioeconomic position. It helps women who are willing to work and take their chance to improve their and their families’ lives. Kaarvan Crafts Foundation provides women an education and helps their trainees with market-links to give them a chance to change their lives. It is a chance to get a better live.