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It is an undeniable fact that the potential of being creative doesn’t rely on a specific gene, gender, or color rather the indispensable milieu of personal growth and recognition of their virtue. An artist delineates his life capering with colors, but what if the brushes are broken in pieces and colors are bleached out?

What if an artist never gets to know what he/she really is?

It’s important to know that the creativity in people is fashioned by environments. In rural areas of Pakistan, where the breeding patriarchal mindset is a cultural thing; women are convinced that they are inferior gender. They are sidelined from most of the resources and opportunities with reference to their lack of involvement in socio-economic affairs or in other words, male dominance and perceived convictions don’t allow such participation. Thus, the empty spaces of mind are filled with fear, guilt, and regret.

Moreover, pre-decided paths and walls curtailing every expansion possible make them doubt their worth. Hence, contained by this tragedy, can the beam of hope pierce into minds? Can creativity be driven from within? The answer is yes.

They are women that have done that. From deep dark psychosomatic drawings portraying the impacts that the society had left on them; too bright, colorful and hope-oriented drawings these resilient women have come a long way out of the abyss of depression, denial, and rejection. Trying to be optimistic and seeking the light instead of being a pessimist is a trick not everybody can master.

These women needed a sound mind along with ways to earn a dignified living so that they could be accepted as an equal in this patriarchal society. We are obliged to provide them with both. These persistent women can see the light that is now starting to fill up their lives and that gives us immense pleasure.

Kaarvan will always support the role of women in developing a nation and will keep empowering women to be creative, productive and self-dependent.