Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises Day

Kaarvan celebrated UN’s International Day for Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises (June 27) with 30 Female Micro-Entrepreneurs from Multan who are part of Kaarvan and DFID’s Women Economic Empowerment Program (WEE) in collaboration with The British Asian Trust – by crafting “1 Rupee “ dreams. Now you must be thinking what can one possibly create with just 1 rupee? In a rapid prototyping session, these Multani Women did some quick collaborative thinking — bouncing ideas of one another and testing ideas through making. Basically, these women were stretching their minds and actively creating & discussing “What can we do to make money if we start with absolutely nothing?” Within 15 minutes of collective creation, you have: comet organizers (to place the little things floating about in your room); interchange dress (layered dress that can shape shift depending on mood and function); DIY customizable kite; Fan-Dress; Pak-Indo Goodwill Ghagra. Not bad for 15 minutes session right? Now imagine, the economic possibilities of bringing such energy and polishing these ideas into reality… Kaarvan has connected UN MSMEs Day with SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) to encourage vision, image and model of socio-economic possibilities.

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