Listening, Loving and Leading Tolerance as a Way of Life

International Day for Tolerance, November 16th, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation created a space of exploration around leadership, culture of peace and building personal capacity of social skills. Through a series of interactive activities Pakistani female artisans became more self aware of their innate leadership skills. Leadership isn’t about wielding power and authority. It is about listening, understanding, being curious, being honest and responding with care & compassion. A tremendous aspect of leadership is tolerance and empathy — of being open and respectful to different perspectives to get a full picture of the world. Kaarvan Team opened hearts, minds and wills by engaging with the artisans through blind contour drawings, improv play, image deconstruction of seeing different perspectives and listening, hearing & sharing viewpoints to ‘stuck’ moments.

Blind Contour Drawings

removed hesitancy and cultivated play

Come Join Me / Improv Play

Artisans to read into and build upon each other’s action

Hive of Thoughts

Sharing of experiences and perceptions