Legal Rights Workshops at Kaarvan Training Institutes

For a culture of peace, developing capacities for informed responsible citizens is key. Kaarvan is familiarizing the Female Trainees with their Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities. Human Rights Lawyers Razia Monnoo, Shahbano Masud and Mahnoor Anwar conducted Awareness Workshops at Kaarvan’s Gujranwala and Bahawalpur Training Institutes on Women’s Legal Rights in Pakistan — how they function, what they expect of its citizens and what the citizens can expect from them. Thoughtful conversations unfolded as the rural women questioned what can be done when their supposed lawyer is not being fully honest and providing all the information to them. Razia, Shahbano and Mahnoor shared case studies at how to best confront deceit and injustices with awareness of policies and taking a firm stand for one’s rights.

Building Political Capacity of Rural Women

to take democratic responsibility for one’s own life

Disseminating Education of Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities