Blog – Joining hands with NUST students,

Joining hands with NUST students, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation moderated and facilitated a workshop around market awareness, color theory, product costing and the continuously changing market trends. The workshop was held at the Vocational training institute by Skills development council (SDC) with a total of 80 women who are registered in the courses of IT, stitching course and beautician diplomas. Through a card game, women were made part of an open dialogue about how to think right and how to use their collective power of togetherness towards the betterment of the society. Afterwards, these trainees were introduced to the color theory and how can they use the color wheel in order to create better color schemes for their dresses and how can they fuse different crafts for more market appeal. Detailed product costing techniques were discussed and the women were made aware of the factors that they generally ignore in the process. The workshop was wrapped up with a detailed question answer session about all the nitty gritty stuff related to costing and especially the color wheel and the color theory.