Investigating Social Justice and Beauty in the Ordinary

Engaged in a month long critical literacy campaign on the topic of social justice, beauty and empathy. The workshops spanned a week of looking at our locality with a sense of humility, wonder and respect utilizing varied means of expression ranging from photography, writing and drawing. 

What exactly is this quest for justice? The need for justice arises when something goes array, when something ceases to exist. Justice stands opposed to injury: “injustice.” A series of workshops were held at Head Office in Lahore, with Beaconhouse National University and Kaarvan Gujranwala Training Institute with the aim to seek out what is absent from human community, become aware of daily unmindfulness of the aliveness of others, seek beauty in the ordinary thing and thereby bring into being new beauty, new hope, new way of living.

Call to Action

Proposition to do something.

Photographing Each Other

and understanding each other’s perceptions…