International Women’s Day 2018

Day celebrated with interactive learning sharing activities at Kaarvan’s Gujranwala Training Center with 110 trainees. 

Through empathy card game, renaming objects and measuring silence — highlight the paradoxical nature of gender and how it both presents opportunities and limitations to personal growth at the same time. 

Think about it — men and women — sort of represent the “yin and yang”, our lives are deeply intertwined — one cannot exist without the other. Extremity of any form is destructive… so is the case of severe silence… Can silence lead to disappearance? Won’t disappearance of one population upset the natural order of things and trigger the disappearance of the other population? These female artisans, their stories are a testament that anything is possible if we try.

Multiple Truths

Reality is contingent on our individual experiences. There is a tendency to generalize men or women based on personal experiences.

Measuring Silence

Think about their level of speech or participation on social factor such as education, marriage, income…

Thinking outside of the box

Imagine a rolled up paper as something else “This is not a stick it is…”